Friday, June 20, 2008

Holo Hog Wild at Bronte, June 20, 2008

The morning of Friday June 20th was picture perfect. Lake was calm and the sun rise was something. Boated over to in front of Bronte with John Poirier and Peter Hansen. We had all the lines in by 7:00 am.

By 7:20 we were in 130 FOW and hit a double header both of the full core off each board on either side of the boat start singing. John's fish was about 19 lbs and when the fish was in the net coming on board the wire diver takes a violent strike. I grab it and work my way around Peter as he lands his at about 17 lbs. The wire rod is peeling and the head shakes are unreal. Then the leader on Peters fly snaps. Sorry no pictures of those fish- not enough hands free. Had the video running through part of it though.

Yeck 88 in my custom Hologram Hog Wild ---Holi Hog Wild?? see the picture for a look see.

The spoon took the 19 lbs king, as well as another about 8 lbs on full core. The other full core was the Warrior Chicken Wing. then the rods stayed still for about 1 1/2 hrs. The bait was incredible. The most I've seen all year. At times running from the top down to 80 ft.

The riggers take a 5 lbs king down 100 feet on a Warrior Wild Hog and a shaker on the slider with Michigan Stinger Seduction. Also missed a fish that destroyed my blue dyed coloured whole bait in a three fly rig behind a 11' Hotspot Green Glow flasher down 60 ft over 150 FOW. Peter's wire went off again with Black Crushed glow with Green Crinkle on 2 setting and out 170 ft with the ring.

Also managed a 10 lbs rainbow on a Grimsby Tackle special Michigan Stinger Stingray colour that is green dolphin on a copper blade. That was on wire with the Walker Deeper Diver 107 in Froggy Glow set at 3 and out 180 feet.

We ended the morning going 8 for 10 and pulled lines by 11:00 am.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Grimsby Salmon on Freaky Friday 13th and June 14, 2008

On Friday 13th - oh no... John and I had a quick trip out of Grimsby. Caught two nice rainbows out over 200 FOW straight out of Forans. One came on Michigan Stinger Stop & Glow Magnum 60 feet down on the rigger and 140 ft lead. The other rainbow came on Warrior Chicken Wing

on Full Core . The day before resulted in 8 fish in this area with a mix of kings and rainbows.

On Saturday 14th we had Ed Barbosa on board and we started in the same area straight out, but the picture changed. The Thunderstorms on Freaky Friday 13th must of chased them off. So we trolled East south east towards Beamsville and finally started to intercept the odd fish in 140 - 100 FOW. Slow Slow pick but managed 4 for 5.

Yeck 88 in a custom Hog Wild colour on 5 colour leadcore managed two rainbows. 12 lbs king on a Warrior Wild Hog on the Rigger down 70 feet and 60 ft back and lastly the 19 lbs king shown here was on Full Core using Michigan Stinger Seduction.

Shane Thombs

Friday, June 6, 2008

Grimsby fishing with Norseman and JubeJube, June 6, 2008

Managed to get out for short trip with John Poirier and Peter Hansen out of Foran's. The winds were moderate out of the south west, but being off shore, we decided to run the shoreline east before angling out. While running we marked bait regularly in shallow < 30 FOW. We started to set-up outside the bait in 50 FOW and angled out. We marked plenty in shallow and usually in the top 25 feet in the water column. When we reached 70 FOW we had our first hit. Slide Diver on 4 setting with Warrior Dragon Slayer

back 70 feet and the diver out 70 feet. Rainbow was about 6 bls and went in the box. We opened the belly up and it was FULL. Flys, one large alewife and one emerald shiner. Fresh kills.

When we reached 80 FOW we started to mark more around the bottom and we lowed the riggers and one wire diver to deeper depths. Wire diver set at 3 and out 220 feet with ProChip 8 Michigan Stinger colour DieHard with ATOMMIK Hoover fly takes a rip, but was gone when the rod was touched. Riggers didn't go at all at 80 to 120 feet down.

Full Core off the boards with Warrior Chicken Wing

takes the next fish and it takes a run like a freight train. Got it to the boat and it weighed 20.7 lbs on the scale. Back int he drink it goes.

Time to move things up. Rigger comes up to 45 feet and shortly there after it hits a small chinook at 5 lbs. Warrior Green Monkey Puke with Glow back. Modified slightly with Mountain dew ladder and Silver ladder on the face of the spoon and the cup of the spoon was spray painted red on the hook end. In the box the fish went and checked its stomach and found it stuffed with three large adult alewife, fresh eats once more. No wonder the magnum sized spoons are working.

The winds at Grimsby were not where we were. We had flat water and the flies were unreal! John's boat was covered.

Adrian also was out and managed a big Rainbow.

Shane Thombs