Saturday, May 3, 2008

Salmon Slammin May 3, 2008

On Saturday May 3rd was the second annual Salmon Slammin Invitational Tournament out of Port Weller.

Congratulations to IM64ME, Starcraft Jimmy, Pressman for putting together the biggest four fish box of 67.02 lbs!

FINtastic Sportfishing Team of John Poirier, Brad May and myself (Shane Thombs) stumbled onto our fish late in the day.

First thing we boated to around Four Mile Point (Canadian side) in about 30-40 FOW. We managed two in two hours, one 18 lbs on the scale. Both coming on Slide Diver back 35ft and out 70 feet on 4 setting. Warrior spoon, Broken Hammer.

We pulled lines and headed to the ledge off the bar. We trolled along the “highway” of boats from the Canadian side to the American side and back. Managed a few rainbows and a nice coho, but we gave that up at noon.

We pulled lines again and headed to in front of Port Weller in 57 FOW. Rain starts the wind comes up and we were thinking the fish should be moving up in the water column. Within a minute of having the 5 colour out on the board it fires. 12 lbs Chinook. 15 minutes later the other 5 colour fires. 17 lbs Chinook. Slide Diver back 200ft and out 40 feet on 4 setting. Warrior spoon, Sister Sledge

. Other Slide diver goes off back 150ft and out 70 feet on 4 setting. Warrior spoon, Broken Hammer. Net that fish and start pulling lines to head in when the other slide diver takes another. While making our way through the marina we were busy using the balance beam for the best four in the box. Pleasantly surprised the weight turned out the way it did. 65.42 lbs good enough to hold in at second place.

Also hats off to Team Atommik (Jay Cuipak) for third place with 64.14 lbs with Big fish at 20.08 lbs

Good day on the water.

Shane Thombs