Friday, June 25, 2010

Far West-end Kings, June 25, 2010

We departed from Fisherman's Peir at 6:00 am and ran out just short of our way points. 100 FOW and I started to let out the port side wire diver with a Walker 107 Blue Dolphin with Mountain Dew Diver Ladder back tape on top. It was rigged with the Protroll Hammer and an Atommik Hammer Fly. As soon as I engaged the reel and stood up and watched the rod take a serious jolt and I grabbed the rod, but as soon as I pulled it out of the holder it was gone.

We were all set up and it didn't take long before we manage to hook up again. This time on the braided diver Green Metallic Walker Deeper Diver 107 on 3 setting nd out 140 feet and a NKB SpinDoctor and Hammer fly. John was on it and the fish was buzzing the line off the reel. We boat the fish and it went 17 lbs on the scale.

Next the rigger with a Frog Racer SpinDoctor and #2 MC Rocket takes a shot off the down rigger down 70 ft. It is a quality fish and John has the rod in hand as it is peeling the line off the reel. But that fish comes off after along run- Broke the snell hook.

We set that rod back up and it shows signs of a shaker this time. John pulled the line out of the release and it was gone.

We made a circle out past our waypoints and turned back towards them. noticing that the moderate SW winds were changing the water in tight and pushing the warm watr out of the corner of the lake. 43 'F was found only 40 ft down inside, but managed that same temp at 50 ft outside waters over 140 FOW. Surface temps had also dropped 5 degrees since Tuesday's evening fish and bait had dissapeared from the area.

We worked through the waypoints and it paid off with a flurry of action. The port side rigger fires down 40 ft with a Mountain Dew/ Crushed Glow on white Spin Doctor and #29 MC Rocket. Brian was on it and yet another quality fish makes a powerful run. During the fight John on the Starbourd side of the boat was distracted by the braided diver with the NBK SpinDoctor/Hammer Fly combo and it goes for a drag sing. But quickly the hooks pull out of that fish and John reveals the hook was straighten out. He fixes the hook with a pair of pliers and sets it out again and not five minutes later the same diver goes off again. And it peels line off again. The fish came off AGAIN!!! TWO DOUBLE HEADERS and the only one that came in was Brian's fish that finally was boated after a long fight and it was 21 lbs 1oz.

After that flurry of action things shut down and we called it a morning at 10:30 am. Brian had to trailer the Mako down to Whitby for the Scotty Tournament. He was on the road with hopes of no issues with the G8-G20 along route.

Rubber Hooks Day - 2 for 7

Good Luck to Brian and the rest of his team.

Shane Thombs

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Brain Blainey “Mako” in his 19 ft Mako took both my son Aidan (5) and myself out for an evening fish. Brain discovered good kings in front of Hamilton Beach and the Liftbridge. It was a rainy day up until 4:00 pm on my departure from the office. The skys slowly cleared, but replace of heavy clouds came high winds out of the WSW. Winds were 25- 30 km and whitecaps on the lake were everywhere.

At 6:00 pm we departed from Fifty Point and ran the shoreline, but waves of four foot were close together and made a bumpy ride. I was shocked as to how well Brian’s Mako ran the waves and we were motoring a 22 mph on plane with no problem splitting waves. The odd five ft wave would cause him the throttle down, but the boat handled it very well.

When we arrived in the area we set up in 100 FOW and trolled with the wind and waves towards Brian’s waypoints. Not to long into the troll the Rigger down 60 ft and back 60 ft fired. 6 lbs Rainbow on NK Mag Purple Thunder. We went for about 45 minutes sorting out equipment when the Port side braid diver came to life and the reel screamed “mercy”. Wonderbread Walker 107 diver on 3 setting and out 140 ft. It was pulling a Frog Racer Spin Doctor with a #2 with a black magic Marker coloured back MC Rocket Reg. I finally have the fish turned and the dial says 530 ft. Brought the fish to the boat and 25 lbs 2 oz. 1476 Tag number was put in the fish for the Spoonpulllers Tagging Project and it had a fork length of 38 2/4”.

The fish was released and before having a chance to set up again, the wire diver rod on the starboard side wakes up. Brian is on it and brings in a 10 lbs 1 oz king without an adipose fin (3 year old stocked fish). Put Tag number 1478 in that fish and away she went to be next years 40 lber. Green Dolphin 107 Walker Deeper Diver on 3 setting and out 150 ft with a Atommik Hammer Fly.

The port side rigger fired again, and this time my son Aidan was on it. He cranked as hard as he could and managed to boat his 5 lbs Rainbow that was out of the water more then in the water throughout the fight. We kept that fish for the table.

Then the Wire Diver set out with the same numbers as the last king shows signs of another king, but shortly into the fight, the hooks pulled out without getting a glimpse of the fish.

It was dusk and the red sun was approaching the edge of Rattle Snake Point on the Escarpment. I had to re-rig a MC Rocket after a line tangle so I put out a Mountain Dew/Crushed Ice Glow on white Spin Doctor and a #29 MC Rocket rigged with my favorite 60” leader. Down 55 ft and using a 50 foot lead, the rod fires not five minutes of being down. At first it didn’t appear to be much of a fish as the rod sprung up and only started to bend over. I tightened it up and then the beast from the west woke up and said “See You Later”. The reel sang and finally slowed to a crawl with dial at 490 ft. Turn the boat to gain line and the fish makes another run. 560 ft on the dial. It was a game of inches as the fish pulled out and then I gained a little. We watched as the Big Red Sun dipped down and we finally cleared all the lines put everything away while I continued to struggle to keep the fish coming towards the boat. I didn’t want to add any more pressure and we had the kicker motor only at idle speed. The fish moved Port to Starboard and then back to port diving down and then finally turning back towards the transom. Brian slips the net under the fish and boats the slab.

On the Scale it weighs 31 lbs 5 oz. At first Brian was holding the scale and it was bouncing all over the place going from 30 to 33 lbs. So I said- I will hold it and you read it with as much concentration to stay steady. He calls out the weight. 31 lbs 5 oz. Tag number 1477 and took a fork length of 40 ¼”. Away she went to be caught in the Sun Derby as the winning fish- lets hope it’s on my line!!!

The lake was only a slight chop by the time we motored back to Fifty Point. And it was 10:00 pm when I was finally on my way home. Even as late as it was, my son Aidan remained awake the whole way home talking about the big fish and big waves and the sun going down. Summer Nights like this makes fishing Lake Ontario memorable.

Shane Thombs