Monday, October 8, 2012

Giving Thanks to Lake Ontario Salmon on Thanksgiving Monday, October 8, 2012

This trip would make it two years in a row where fishing on Thanksgiving weekend was not only possible, but the making of a very memorable trip. The weather was beautiful, the lake was flat calm and the sun was shining. Oh and did I miss something - YES the salmon were on the fall feed.

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Fall time is usually the most overlooked time of the year to fish for salmon. I mention that I am out fishing for them and I often get- well haven't they gone in the creek to spawn by now. My response is "That's the big mature spawning fish, we are after the 1-3 year olds that can find 15 lbs silver sided tanks ready to do battle.

From Photo_Gallery10

Also another funny observation is that these fish are like spring time salmon and fight like they are supercharged. It's like the cooling waters adds a little energy to there fight ont he line.

This day I had my friend Rob who happends to the the Grimsby TSC store manager, and his friend David. David works for the Niagara Region Public Health department as a Food Safty Inspection manager. At the City of Hamitlon I also worked for the Public Health department and we had "shop talk" conversations throughout the day.

The trip started off with brisk fall air and a smooth boat ride watching the sun rise off our right shoulders.

We stopped 5 times to scan water during our brisk 14 mile morning ride on flat water, and when we finally found them, the fish were biting. Happy Thanksgiving!

It was not a daybreak bite. It took until 7:45 am for our first bite and then they shut down at 12:30 pm.

Cutbait behind a Glow Splatter 10" short lead down 60 feet managed three kings. One king on a Blue NBK Protroll with Hoover fly on diver out 185'. Outside of that it was all spoons.

Speed was 2.7 mph on FishHawk, and temps read 50'F down 54 feet. 56'F on the surface.

Little cruising & graph watching revealed a tight pocket of of 3 yr old kings, bows, & cohos 35-65 down over 300 FOW. Every rod in the spread went off, and spoons in Watermelon & Blue Dolphin patterns were taking a few bites.

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Steady pick through out the morning resulted in full box, had some great weather & it was very fine way to cap off a very memorable 2012 season!

Shane Thombs