Sunday, September 16, 2012

September Bow Fest, Grandfather, Father and Son Team. September 16, 2013

For some, Fall means fairs and festivals. For those who like to enjoy fall fishing on Lake Ontario, it means a festival of Fins. Rainbows in particular are ready and waiting for your lure and although they are often offshore, the conditions for angler comfort can be picture perfect in September.

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This particular day was an example of just that. Two double digit bows came to the net and there was plenty of action throughout the trip. Let’s just call it Bow Fest, because like no other time of the year can you catch good numbers and often the biggest bows of the year. Also they are only shallow in the water column making short lead shallow set riggers and short string divers the most entertaining way to take these silver rockets. Little need for long lines, they are on the feed and ready to bite the back of the boat if it tasted good enough.

John (Grandfather), David (father) and William (son), were ready for one finally boys outing before they find themselves deep into the Hockey season and convert to a lifestyle of a “Rink Rats”.

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William is in rep hockey along with his older brother and younger sister. The entire family lives the eat, sleep, hockey lifestyle and although the season had just started, they wanted to take a moment and enjoy a last opportunity to do a fishing trip before a full schedule of practices, games, tournaments, and travelling from rink to rink.

Watch this video for an example of the steelhead action during this Bow Fest...


Friday, September 14, 2012

A POW after BOWS, September 14, 2012

Helmut was over from Germany to visit his brother John who lives not far from London, Ontario. There was a Language barrier with Helmut, but between fellow fisherman the only real language we need is the sound of the drag on a reel. The weather wasn’t the nicest, with light rain and choppy waters, but both John and Helmut were far too excited to turn back home. We started fishing and it didn’t take long before we were hooking up on rainbow trout. Helmut was really enjoying his time and was all smiles when we netted each fish. He was also no slouch in reeling in each fish, his confidence and experience shows he was an avid fisherman from across the pond.

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John was also pleased to see his brother enjoying himself and he shared in reeling in fish. John managed this nice 12 lbs Rainbow Trout.

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John is a Lake Erie Walleye fisherman with his own boat. I was paired with two that are good on the rod and reel, and yet clearly they developed fishing skills from opposite sides of the Northern Hemisphere.

Can fishing be considered a universal language? Or maybe it could be found in their genes.

John explained that even though they were brothers, Helmut and John grew-up apart, in much different worlds and were much different in age- nearly 20 years apart. It began with Helmut at a young age where during WW2 the Nazis took Helmut and his mother to a Nazi POW camp. As the war came to a close, Helmut was pulled from his mother and raised in an adopted family in Germany. His mother moved to Canada and John was later born and raised in Southern Ontario. Helmut and John didn’t know of each other until their mother passed away in 2011.

John and Helmut grew up in different corners of the world, but both happen to find fishing a centre for excitement and relaxation with the benefit of a delicious dinner.

Shane Thombs